Daily NBA Trivia Question, Jan. 1, 2013

Happy New Year. We all made it through another one, eh? When is the new Mayan calendar coming out, by the way? Yesterday’s question was kinda tough, eh? Here is today’s: 

Who holds the NBA record for most consecutive games making a 3-point shot?


  1. JBT says

    Kyle Korver broke Dana Barros’ record this season and still going. He just reached 100.

    Now the big question is who holds the NBA record for most consecutive games without making a 3-point shot (attempted but none made)?

    • Matt says

      Not close. You had the right team, but the Denver Nuggets’ Mike Adams had a streak in the 1980’s of 82 consecutive games with at least one three-point shot. The previous record belonged to Danny Ainge, I believe at 22. In one game, the Lakers assigned Michael Cooper, their best defender, specifically to hound Adams and prevent him getting a three. He ended up hitting one from about 5 feet behind the arc on a fast break…about the only chance he had to get a shot off. The streak earned Adams the nickname of “The Long Ranger”. I don’t think anyone’s come close to his streak since. Ainge may still be #2 for all I know.

    • Jacob says

      Wrong record, Ty Lawson has the record for the most consecutive 3 pointer made in one game with 10 straight. Mike Adams holds 82 with the record and Kyle Korver is currently chasing the record. As of now he has 71 consecutive games with at-least one 3 pointer.

      • Jacob I. says

        Dana Barros set an NBA record by making at least one three-pointer in 89 consecutive games from December 23, 1994 until January 10, 1996. He appeared four consecutive times at the AT&T Long Distance Shootout during the All-Star Weekend from 1992 to 1996, coming in second twice.

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