Tweet of the Day: Pau & Marc Gasol

Tuesday ushered in a new year: 2013.

For most people, new years means new resolutions, new goals.

[Bauman: Eight NBA New Years Resolutions]

LA Lakers power forward Pau Gasol and his brother, Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol have set their goals for the new year.

My goal for the 2013, even though we had a rough start, is to win back the NBA title with the Lakers! #makeitcount
Pau Gasol

My challenge for 2013 is to work even harder and lead the Grizzlies toa historic season. What's yours? #makeitcount #teamnike
Marc Gasol

Pau’s goal seems a bit loftier than Marc’s, but he does play in Los Angeles on the most expensive and most talented (on paper) roster in the NBA.

Considering their teams’ respective positions in the standings, it might have made more sense if Marc had made it his goal to lead the Grizzlies to their first ever NBA championship.

As it is, a historic season is a bit vague. A number of things could make the season historic, easiest of which might be a franchise record for regular season wins.

At their current pace, the Grizzlies will set a new mark for wins in a season. [The current high for the franchise was a 50-win season in 2003-04.]

The tie that binds their tweets together (aside from their familial relation) is the Nike hashtag #MakeItCount.

The Golden State Warriors have a couple stars who intend to “make it count” this season as well.

In 2013 @ and I will #makeitcount and lead the Warriors both on and off the court. Will you? #teamnike
Stephen Curry
I'm with you lil bro, lets go get it!!! “@: In 2013 @ and I will #makeitcount and lead the Warriors #teamnike
David Lee

All-Star power forward David Lee and guard Stephen Curry are making it a goal to be team leaders this year for the Warriors.

Thus far this season the pair is first and second in scoring for Golden State, averaging a combined 40 points per game. Lee leads the team in rebounds, Curry in assists, and both sit first and second on the team in steals per game.

Additionally, their team is fifth in the Western Conference.

It should be safe to say that they are definitely leading the team on the court.

With these players making it a goal to “make” 2013 “count”, so too should the rest of us.

Here’s to a great and productive year.


NBA players wish you a happy New Year

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