Tweet of the Night: Spike Lee

J.R. Smith's Dunk From A Low Alley Opp From Pablo Was DOPENESS.And Dat's Da Rim Rockin' Truth,Ruth.Orange And Blue "Cold As Sh*t" Skies.Brrr
Spike Lee

Dopeness, indeed.

In the fourth quarter of the 100-83 rout of the San Antonio Spurs at home in Madison Square Garden, J.R. Smith provided an absolutely spectacular play that warrants your attention. Here’s how it went down:

When rookie reserve point guard Pablo Prigioni threw a bullet pass to a wide open Smith with his back turned away from the rim, it looked like the airborne Smith would have to get back  down on his feet before finishing the play. The pass was certainly not high enough to be considered an alley-oop dish, but Smith decided to make something of nothing, as you can see in the following page:

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