Tweet of the Night: Mark Cuban



  1. And001 says

    I seem to recall a huge call going the Mavs’ way late in the game and they still lost..and it looks to me the call Cuban ranted about was the correct, if the guy is going to rant even when refs get it right there’s nothing to do. Then again, fans complain even over correct calls so he’s no different than the average fan. I also can’t stand when he says stuff like “watching the replay it was clear player X was fouled by player Y”..this is utter non-sense since it’s one thing judging a call with the benefit of slow-motion from about 250 different camera angles, which is something refs generally can’t do in most instances, it’s another in real-time at that speed. I would love to see him or any other refs haters on the court and having to make close calls in real time while officiating what I believe are the best athletes in the world going at full-speed on a relatively small court. Cuban should worry more about the Mavs’ real issues instead of officiating. I say he will get a $50K fine..maybe more since it looks like he was ranting over a correct call made by the refs..

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