Anthony explains actions, says he’s spoken to Garnett

Garnett and Anthony were involved in several heated exchanges and physical battles in Boston’s hard-fought 102-96 victory.

“There’s certain things that pushes certain people’s buttons, and would never tell y’all what was said yesterday and what was done. But what’s done is done. I accept that I lost my composure yesterday. But yesterday I allowed someone to get me of my square. I allowed someone to bring negativity into my circle,” Anthony said.

Anthony said he did not expect to be suspended for the Knicks’ next game, Wednesday night at Indiana.

“Nothing happened for me to be suspended. I went, I wanted to talk to KG, get a chance to see what really his problem was. There was no altercations. It was just a word or a conversation that we needed to have,” Anthony said.

“Like I said, we move on.”

The teams will play again one week from Thursday in Boston.



  1. Daniel says

    KG is gonna get his one day. It’s coming. One day, someone is just gonna say, “Fuck it – it’s worth the suspension.”

    Or so I hope. I’d love to sit behind Boston’s bench the next time they’re at MSG.

  2. Larry Durstin says

    KG probably trotted out something like his “cancer” taunt at Villanueva. Too bad Carmelo didn’t drill the skull-headed asshole


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