Exclusive: Phil Jackson says he has “no intention” of coaching again

So for now, the Nets job is Carlesimo’s to lose.

Numerous coaching candidates from around the league have expressed an interest through their agents and through media outlets, but the Nets hierarchy would prefer to have some semblance of stability after a strong start in November earned Johnson the NBA’ Coach of the Month award — a trophy he presumably packed in a box before the end of December after losing his job.

Jackson has been out of the NBA since 2011 when his Los Angeles Lakers were swept in the second round of the playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks. He was interested in returning to the Lakers earlier this season when Mike Brown lost his job, but an internal power struggle in the Buss family saw the family patriarch’s son, Jim, win out over his sister, Jeanie, when it came time to choose a successor and Mike D’Antoni was hired.

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Chris Sheridan is publisher and editor-in-choef of SheridanHoops.com. Follow him on Twitter.


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  2. Eric says

    He most likely has no interest in coaching the Nets, period. Elsewhere, there might not be any intention at this time, but c’mon, Phil Jackson is only getting back in the game to win at a championship level and that isn’t happening in Brooklyn. The guy is getting close to 70, so put it in perspective.

  3. Jerry25 says

    Would Prokhorov want to name Jackson, President of Basketball Operations and become Billy King’s boss? That appears to be where Phil’s interest lies. I don’t see how it would make the Nets a better team.


  1. […] According to Chris Sheridan, Phil Jackson has no intentions of coaching in the NBA ever again. Phil Jackson had been the number one target for Mikhail Prokhorov and the Brooklyn Nets after they fired Avery Johnson 2 weeks ago. But now it appears that Jackson does not ever want to coach the team. The Nets could have either hired him in the middle of the season or before next season. Jackson did not mention whether Brooklyn tried to contact him about coaching the team. […]

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