Most Improved Player Rankings: Week 10

176ers SixersJRUE HOLIDAY, G, PHILADELPHIA: Vucevic may be the new thing, but Holiday is ol’ reliable. He posted a triple-double (16 points, 10 assists, 10 rebounds) in Wednesday’s loss at Phoenix and lit up the Lakers for 26 and 10 dimes the previous day. His 8.9 assists rank fourth in the league, behind No. 5 on this list, CP3 and Rondo.1
2RocketsOMER ASIK, C, HOUSTON: He may not have the best numbers on this list, but Omer continues his climb up the rankings simply because no other player has shown as much marked improvement this season. If you had told Bulls fans that Asik would put up 20 and 18 on them in a Christmas Day blowout, they probably would have mounted you on the wall at Ditka’s.3
3 MagicNIKOLA VUCEVIC, C, ORLANDO: He’s playing so out-of-this-world well that it was impossible to keep him out of the rankings any longer. Vucevic put up 17 points and 13 rebounds against the Blazers on Monday. He’s actually been a double-double machine all season long, so it won’t be a surprise if he becomes a fixture here.
4WarriorsSTEPHEN CURRY, G, GOLDEN STATE: A strange week for Steph, whose Warriors blasted the Clippers 115-94 behind his 31 points and 8 assists, before getting blasted back, 115-89, behind just 10 points from him. And now for a public service announcement: Get out there and vote Curry for the All-Star Game! For God’s sake, there’s not much time!2
5HornetsGREIVIS VASQUEZ, G, NEW ORLEANS: It only took four words from a commenter to rock my world. Where is Greivis Vasquez? I don’t know. He should have been on the list. He has taken the reins from the epicly bad Austin Rivers and posted career highs in points (14) and assists (9) per game.

DROPOUTS: Anderson Varejao (4), Chandler Parsons, F, Houston (5).

FIVE TO WATCH: Larry Sanders, F, Milwaukee; Kemba Walker, G, Charlotte; George Hill, G, Indiana; Serge Ibaka, F, Oklahoma City; Evan Turner, G-F, Philadelphia.

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  1. Ryan says

    Steph Curry shouldn’t be on any most improved list. Please don’t confuse more production with more minutes for improvement. He’s shooting at the lowest percentage of his career, his assist percentage dropped from last year, his PER is lower than his two prior years, and his rebounding, assist, steal, and block percentages are all at their lowest rate of his career.

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