Tweet of the Day: Dave McMenamin

There are train-wrecks in life and then there are WRECKED trains.

The Los Angeles Lakers by some grand design that is not their own—call it fate or whatever you want—are having a wrecked train type of season.

Lakers beat writer Dave McMenamin tweeted out the following update from head coach Mike D’Antoni before Tuesday night’s tilt against the Houston Rockets.

D'Antoni says that while Metta could play some center with the 2nd unit, he'll be playing it on D while Earl Clark would play it on O
Dave McMenamin

Splitting duties at the 5-spot between Metta World Peace and Earl Clark?

Okay. We’ll see how that plays out, if they even stick with that concept.

The follow-up tweet was indicative of how D’Antoni would probably prefer to play (considering style of play in his offensive system).

D'Antoni: "We don’t have a whole lot of options, but we’ll spread the floor and let our two guys go at it – Steve and Kobe."
Dave McMenamin

An offensive unit that is led by Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash might at least be fun to watch.

The Lakers season has been dismal at best, considering their championship expectations after acquiring All-Star center Dwight Howard.

Three coaches and quite a few injuries later, they sit 3.5 games back from the eighth seed in the Western Conference (5.5 games back from the Rockets) with a 15-18 record (11th in Conference, 19th overall).

Time will tell if the Lakers are able to right the ship, but with Pau Gasol out with a concussion, Howard nursing a torn labrum and Jordan Hill out with a bad hip, things aren’t looking good in the short-term.

Hopefully the smaller lineup plays to the strengths of D’Antoni’s system and yields results.


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