Tweet of the Night: Mike Wilbon

Melo v. KG was so much more compelling than BCS...mayhem in MSG...bad blood for real...
Michael Wilbon

It was quite compelling.

At first.

A spirited contest was beginning to unfold between the Knicks and Celtics at Madison Square Garden in the fourth quarter, before things got chippy between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett. The two started jawing at each other and both ended up picking up a technical foul as things got overly aggressive. It had the feel of a playoff atmosphere, as the intensity level grew stronger by the minute, with the crowd chanting “BOSTON SUCKS”.

Here is a video of what transpired between the two players:

Mostly, fans love seeing the rivalry. Some chippy play and legitimate dislike between two teams – especially when it’s the Celtics and the Knicks – is the kind of drama we crave. Things, however, really got out of hand when Anthony decided to take his anger to another level, as described by A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE:

Several reports shortly after the game indicated that Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony charged towards the Celtics locker room before being restrained by teammates.

There was also another confrontation near the Celtics team bus where Anthony was nearby, waiting for Garnett.

A shouting match ensued, with police and security staying in between the players before things escalated any further. Knicks coach Mike Woodson eventually came on the scene to try and calm his star player and get him away from the area.

Here is the video showing Anthony, in fact, waiting for Garnett by the Celtics team bus:


  1. youngjedifresh says

    ahhh KG….what happend to this guy when he won a ring? Melo lost his cool which usually never happens. Apparently KG crossed the line by his talk..Lala, maybe his son was involved. KG is a punk…Melo was right to approach him after the game if he felt he needed to speak. We just overly assumed that Melo was there to knock KG out…which probably wouldnt happen. Melo apparently cleared the air today like a man should do and he’s moved on. I like the show of emotion and tenacity on his end…reminds me of a real Knickerbocker..real story here should be Melo having his 8th technical..7 from being suspended..and were not even at the break yet!

  2. JB says

    I’m far from an advocate of violence, but someone had to approach the coward. Garnett is known as an individual who will antagonize players(usually smaller than he is) then run behind the refs for cover. It’s one thing to say “keep it on the court”, but Garnett engages in dirty play, makes comments above and beyond the sphere of acceptable trash talk, then runs behind the refs and the guise of “it’s just basketball”. Cowardly actions that he knows will be protected by the letter of the law. His pseudo-intensity is mindless and quite sad. The following clip shows what KG’s really about. Nothing. Great player, but his “toughness” has always been, and will always be suspect at best.

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