Anthony suspended for confronting Garnett

NEW YORK – Carmelo Anthony didn’t think he did anything that merited a suspension. He was wrong.

The NBA announced late today that Anthony has been suspended for one game without pay for confronting Boston’s Kevin Garnett in the arena tunnel, near the players’ locker rooms, and in the parking garage following the Celtics at Knicks game on January 7.

“There are no circumstances in which it is acceptable for a player to confront an opponent after a game,” Jackson said. “Carmelo Anthony attempted to engage with Kevin Garnett multiple times after Monday’s game and therefore a suspension was warranted.”

Anthony will serve his suspension on January 10 when the Knicks play the Indiana Pacers at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. We covered this story yesterday from Knicks practice in Greenburgh, and Anthony said he wanted an explanation from Garnett for some of the trash talk that he felt had crossed the line.

Anthony did not disclose exactly what Garnett said during their heated battle Monday night as the Celtics defeated the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.


  1. Jack Knickolson says

    Better now than in the playoffs. Serves us a lesson. When things get out of hand we loose our kool. We are very easily becoming victimized when we face limits. It has to start with you Woody, when you start loosing it we are all authorised to do the same.

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