Sixth Man Rankings: Week 10

1JAMAL CRAWFORD, G, LA CLIPPERS: Despite some shaky play this week, it’s hard to drop Crawford from the No. 1 spot while his team is playing so well and his impact is such a big part of that success. He stays on top for now.1
2KnicksJ.R. SMITH, G, NEW YORK: Smith has been absolutely stroking it lately. This week, he put up 22.3 ppg, carrying the offense at times. Knicks fans couldn’t be happier with him – and odds are he’s enjoying the freedom to shoot the ball as well.3
3ThunderKEVIN MARTIN, G, OKLAHOMA CITY: Martin’s drop in the rankings have less to do with his struggles and more with Smiths success. With that said, Martin struggled this week, shooting just 38 percent from the field.2
4HawksLOU WILLIAMS, G, ATLANTA: Williams has been a bit inconsistent for the Hawks of late but has still put up some huge games for Atlanta, including a 28-point performance against the Celtics on Saturday night.5
5SpursMANU GINOBILI, G, SAN ANTONIO: Ginobili has been in and out of rankings like these for years and cracks the top 5 for the first time this season. He shot over 50 percent this week, putting up close to 20 ppg for the Spurs, who continue to win despite expectations that age will catch up to them.

DROPOUTS: Carl Landry, F, Golden State (4)

FIVE TO WATCH:  Ray Allen, G, Miami; J.J. Redick, G, Orlando; Andray Blatche, F-C, Brooklyn; Marcus Thornton, G, Sacramento; J.J. Barea, G, Minnesota.

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  1. says

    I don’t argue with most of your current selections, but you are missing a important candidate for sixth man. Nate Robinson of the Chicago Bulls. He saved the Bulls this 2012-13 season, he has been “Eastern Conference Player of the Week”, most of these candidate have not.
    My vote is for Nate, your thoughts.

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