The Bernucca List – Edition 38

Right now, The Bernucca List belongs to reader Ody P., and everyone else is just borrowing it.

For the second straight week, last week’s edition of The Bernucca List was correctly answered by reader Ody P. Not to be confused with ODB or OPP, Ody P. correctly determined that the list was “players with 15,000 career points and 7,500 career assists.”

Most recently joining that list – and prompting its use – was Denver Nuggets guard Andre Miller, who is clearly an outlier. There are three MVPs on the list, and everyone except Miller made multiple All-Star appearances. Miller has never been an All-Star.

For the season, Ody P. is now tied for second with two correct answers, pulling even with reader Brian C. Let’s see if Ody P. can tie reader Brian Rivel atop the season toteboard with this week’s list, which is shorter but we believe tougher and is after the jump.


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