Tweet of the Day: Kevin Durant

Perceptions are often reality, regardless of what others would have you believe.

Sometimes, however, celebrities have to fight misconceptions found in rumor mills and tabloid media. Friday, yet another example of a nice guy battling the tabloids.

Media takeout with the major reach, just being nice to a fan who wanted me to Skype her for her birthday..smh
Kevin Durant

Tabloid website (often referred to simply as MTO) posted an erroneous report on Kevin Durant wherein they accuse him of sending bedside pics to groupies.

Let’s set the record straight.

Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star Kevin Durant is a nice guy. He is humble and honest (among many other great intangible qualities).

His Nike PR machine would have you believe otherwise—with their “Not Nice” ad campaign—but that is another story entirely.

And never mind the three technical fouls and one game ejection that he had over a recent stretch of games. It was an aberration, and after a swift Twitter apology, it is now water under the bridge.

This is a poor attempt at journalism, even for a tabloid.

The picture that is referenced in their accusation is from a November 17th, 2012 tweet from Shanica Knowles—who is a celebrity in her own right, not a groupie.

As always, Durant took the high road in his response, just posting evidence to the contrary with a dismissive “SMH” (internet shorthand for “shaking my head” — often as if in disappointment or disgust) at the end of his explanation.

Having handled the terrible accusations from MediaTakeout, he can turn his attention—as if MTO required much attention—to defeating the Los Angeles Lakers tonight at Staples Center.


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