SH Blog: Cuban says Dirk isn’t getting traded, “no matter what”

Saturday’s news included a handful of players who are good bets to be traded over the next several weeks.

Today’s news focuses mostly on players who won’t be traded, including the one in the headline.

That seems reasonable to me, as at this stage in his career Dirk Nowitzki probably wouldn’t command enough in a trade to make dealing the face of the franchise worth it to the Mavericks.

With today being Sunday, we’ve got a new edition of MVP rankings from Chris Sheridan, plus a look at which coaches’ jobs could be in jeopardy from Brian Geltzeiler.

Now, check out all the latest NBA news and rumors from around the internet:

  • Tim MacMahon of reports that the Mavs should be big players at the deadline: “There is a little less than six weeks remaining until the NBA trade deadline, and the Dallas Mavericks will once again be right in the middle of the rumor mill. ‘There’s a 100 percent chance that we’re going to try to do something,’ Mark Cuban said. That, of course, is no surprise considering the Mavs’ opportunistic approach. Oh, and their 14-23 record. … The only option Cuban would never consider is trading Nowitzki, who would have to approve any deal involving him anyway due to the no-trade clause in his contract. ‘I just wanted to make clear to him that we’re in this through thick and thin,” Cuban said. “So there’s no way that I’d trade him, no matter what.’ “

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