Tweet of the Day: Chris Herring (Wall Street Journal)

Carmelo Anthony has been fasting for more than two weeks. For spiritual reasons.

Just a guess, but I imagine that includes no Honey Nut Cheerios?

Amare Stoudemire also revealed that he has been on a strict diet for a while now, and Knicks fans are now going to be pondering dietary/culinary matters in the days ahead as the team prepares to go to London and perhaps rebound from five losses in seven games with a two-game winning streak. They need to beat the Detroit Pistons in order to do it.

The last time they played an NBA game in London, it was Nets-Raptors and the fans all had to leave early to catch the last subway.

Anyway, Anthony will be heading overseas having broken his fast.

But was it a factor in his team’s recent slump? Or his drop in our new MVP rankings?

Check out this string from Herring, who raises legitimate questions:


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