Bauman: Kevin Garnett has come full circle

“I guess when you’re in the league as long as I’ve been in it you are going to accomplish some things,” explained Garnett. “I guess some day it will mean something to me. At this point, it’s relative. I’m sorry, I’m not into the individual stuff. Obviously I’ve accomplished some things.”

As part of a Celtics team that has Rajon Rondo running the show, Paul Pierce always ready to shoot, Jason Terry, Brandon Bass, Leandro Barbosa, Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger and Courtney Lee all playing vital roles and being capable scorers, Kevin Garnett is back where he started in grade school…

He’s willing to pass the ball and do all of the dirty work first, but if he’s open or his team is in need of a takeover performance, his team can rest assured.

Kevin Garnett, as versatile and dependable as they come, will be there for his teammates in the capacity they need him, when they need him most.

KG’s career, ironically, has come full-circle.

(We leave you with KG discussing his favorite playoff moment ever; winning the championship)

Jeremy Bauman, an aspiring scout and shooting coach, is a columnist and blogger for Follow him on Twitter.

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