The Kamenetzky Bros. Join SheridanHoops and SH Radio; Jan. 16 Show

Chris Sheridan is pleased to announce that Andy and Brian Kamenetzky are joining as columnists. To welcome them in, hosts Chris Sheridan and Andy Roth will be joined by the Kamenetzky brothers (who cover all four California-area NBA teams). They’ll also be joined by’s John Hobbs (who is in London with the Knicks and the Pistons) and’s Chris Bernucca to interview Chris Sheridan for the Chris’ Corner segment.

Enjoy the show!

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  1. Vic Torino says

    The Kamenetzky Brothers are great. I always liked the good looking one best. The other one is smarter but not as nice.

  2. Kilgary says

    Wow, this sounds AWFUL. I’ve loved following the Kamenetzky Bros since they were blogging for LA Times and came to this site from their Twitter link. I’m definitely willing to give the site a shot. Quick note: you can record high quality audio with inexpensive mics and Garage Band on the cheap. For remote interviews, use Skype, not wireless phones. You can get much better audio quality. Eventually, you can turn it into a video podcast and continue using Skype for remote interviews. Honestly, this should have been called a rehearsal and re-recorded. If the Kamenetzky Bros were capable of nightly post-game video podcasts using only their laptop last season, you guys can surely do better. Budget should not be an excuse for production values this poor.

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