Tweet of the Night: Brian Scalabrine

Fans of the game and teammates alike have always taken a liking to Brian Scalabrine. He’s embraced his place in the game, and people respect that.

Whether it was fans yelling for the coach to put him in the game or just being featured through NBA Meme’s on Facebook, Brian Scalabrine has long been an entertaining figure.

Today around noon, Scal decided to officially join Twitter.

Admittedly unsure of how to operate Twitter, Scalabrine was enthralled when his following had reached 30,000+ followers within 7 hours of joining the social network.

Below are his first three tweets. Our advice: More like the first, less like the second and third.

Held out longer than the Black Mamba….Brace yourselves, the White Mamba is in the building. #MambaTweets
Brian Scalabrine

Does Doc want Austin to miss shots tonight???
Brian Scalabrine

Every time I’m in the garden before a game I still get the chills.
Brian Scalabrine

An 11-year NBA veteran who averaged 3.1 points and 2 rebounds in 13 minutes per game and was part of the Boston Celtics 2007-08 Championship team, the White Mamba’s Twitter followers continue to rise by the minute. He’s now at over 36,000; jump on the bandwagon while you can.

Jeremy Bauman, an aspiring scout and shooting coach, is a columnist and blogger for Follow him on Twitter.




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