VIDEO: Heisler on Lakers trades, Spurs chances, Jordan’s Bobcats

On Thursday, the NBA trading deadline will be exactly five weeks away.

One team everyone seems to expect to be active is the Los Angeles Lakers, who can’t quite figure out the right personnel mix for Mike D’Antoni’s offense.

The player expected to be traded is All-Star forward Pau Gasol, who has been slowed by injuries and inconsistency over the last two seasons but is a highly skilled 7-footer and could be in some demand.

However, Lakers management is not keen on the idea of trading Gasol. It feels like it has yet to see everyone together for an extended stretch – Gasol has been sidelined by a concussion – and would like to see all the pieces before making a decision.

In this interview with Cinesport’s Noah Coslkov, I also discussed the ability of the older but wiser San Antonio Spurs to hang with the young bucks of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers in a playoff series.

Finally, we addressed Michael Jordan’s approach to rebuilding the Charlotte Bobcats, who appear to be going through another expansion phase.

Click on the box below to listen.

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