Sheridan Hoops Sixth Man Rankings: Week 11

1JAMAL CRAWFORD, G, LA CLIPPERS: Including a 30-point performance against Houston, Crawford remains the clear top choice for the award. The Clippers remain a legitimate title contender, and the inclusion of Crawford in  their lineup this season is a big reason why.1
2HornetsRYAN ANDERSON, F, NEW ORLEANS: He’s finally eligible! Anyone who thought that the double-teams that Dwight Howard demanded a season ago was the main reason for Anderson’s success has been proven wrong. His 16 points per game for New Orleans has made Pelican Nation very happy.
3KnicksJ.R. SMITH, G, NEW YORK: Smith’s shooting in the past couple weeks has been shaky, as has the play of the Knicks in general. His scoring numbers are still at a career high, however, and getting everyone healthy in the Big Apple again should help.2
4ThunderKEVIN MARTIN, G, OKLAHOMA CITY: The Thunder just keep winning, and Martin keeps on producing, making everyone in OKC forget James Harden. It’s beginning to seem like this role – scorer off the bench for a title contender – may be best for Martin as he enters free agency this summer.3
5SpursMANU GINOBILI, G, SAN ANTONIO: It may surprise some that he has bumped Lou Williams, given Sweet Lou’s production on a surprisingly good team. But when looking at the combined records of the top five, (excluding Anderson), it’s tough to keep Williams over Ginobili, whose production and efficiency makes him the clear choice at this point.5

DROPOUTS: Lou Williams, G, Atlanta (4).

FIVE TO WATCH: Ray Allen, G, Miami; J.J. Redick, G, Orlando; Carl Landry, F, Golden State; Marcus Thornton, G, Sacramento; Jarrett Jack, G, Golden State.

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