Tweet of the Day: Dwyane Wade

Less than 24 hours after a close yet convincing win over the Los Angeles Lakers, the Miami Heat are safely back in South Florida taking time to rest—with four days off before they face the Toronto Raptors next Wednesday at home.

Heat star guard and two-time champion Dwyane Wade celebrated his 31st birthday Thursday night by compiling 27 points, four rebounds, five assists, two steals and a block during the team’s 99-90 victory over the Lakers.

In the locker room after the game, LeBron James asked Wade, “Where are we going for your birthday?”

Tired, after a long six game road trip that ended with a back-to-back in California, he responded, “We’re going to the plane to fly all night.”

After a safe arrival and some sleep, Wade awoke to a splendid birthday gift.

Wow...woke up from my nap to this!!!! McLauren in my drive way. An amazing 31th bday gift from #TheCollectio
Way of WADE

Unfortunately, human as he is, he misspelled the make of the car in his first tweet.

Prior to the win over the Lakers, James made light of Wade’s age.

Happy 40th b-day to my homie and brother @! Hahaha #turnup
LeBron James

While everyone won’t have the same birthday experience (waking up to a McLaren), many can relate to Chris Bosh’s day.

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