Tweet of the Night: Kobe Bryant

“@: @ can we talk about your FG% tonight? of course! We adjusted in 4th. Freed me up a lil more. Heat did a good job
Kobe Bryant
“@: @ did you get cookies tonight?” Lol I love the trash talk bro :-) good one. Till the next time..
Kobe Bryant
@ do you think its better for Pau to be the backup Center where hes more comfortable being the one in the low block?
Yung Simpnasty
@ how do you feel getting compliments every day of your life?#mamba
@ feels good BUT now and then I need haters! Lol they FEED my WILL
Kobe Bryant
Can't believe I'm doing this but Imma follow @ even though I'm a celtics fan. Still gotta respect him as a person.
@ thx bro. We all love competition and our teams. Never personal just good competition. Appreciate that tweet fam #realtalk
Kobe Bryant
@ how are you able to just turn it on in the 4th quarter?
Dan LoGuidice
@ Adjustments. I was too far from the basket with no screens the first 3qrts. I adjusted and got better looks and made em in 4th
Kobe Bryant
@ The black mamba.. How do adjust during the next game after a subpar shooting performance? And good luck next game!
Black Amigo Meezy
@ thx. Just focus on getting good shots and using screens to get open looks. Clearing my mind and do what I do.
Kobe Bryant

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  1. Menzel Hill says:

    Greatest two-guard in basketball!!!

  2. Menzel Hill says:

    Can’t wait for the Black Mamba to be back on the court, just not the same without him!

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