Bauman: A week in Boston; And What a Week it Was

BOSTON — What a week, what a week, in Beantown.

From Rajon Rondo’s 17-point, 12-assist, 10-rebound performance in a win over the lowly Charlotte Bobcats on Monday, to the Doc-Austin Rivers father-son reunion on Wednesday, to the Marco Belinelli game-winning fall-away last night in overtime to give the Bulls a 100-99 victory, it was quite an entertaining week at TD Garden.

I got to watch some great basketball, but more importantly I was able to capture some great quotes that will give you insight into the three games the Celtics competed in this week on their homestand:

Chicago Bulls:

Joakim Noah, aloud to the team in the locker room after the big win – “YEAAAAHHH BENCH SQUAD!!!” The rest of the team carried on, as Belinelli’s shot lifted them into the evening.

Marco Belinelli, postgame, on his team and the buzzer beater –  “We played good and we have a great team. When I scored the last shot, I saw all my teammates at halfcourt, happy for me, so it just really feels good for me. I can’t wait to see the picture. That’s a great moment for me. Just amazing. I know that was a crazy shot [on the previous possession]. I took a tough shot from the corner, but you never know in the NBA. Sometimes, the ball goes in. That was a terrible shot for us, so it’s good. It’s good to come back. That was a good pass from Boozer. That was a good team win. This is what you’re living for. These are the great moments of your life. I love basketball, I love this team, I love Bulls fans, the organization, so just keep going.”

Joakim Noah, postgame, on Kevin Garnett – “He’s a helluva competitor. He’s always on some bullcrap, just trying to throw elbows, cheap shots, trying to get you off your game. He has been doing this a long time. But it’s all right. When we lose, I feel like he crosses the line. But since we’ve been beating their asses, I’m cool with it.”

Carlos Boozer, postgame, about Bulls battling through injuries as a team – “Unfortunately for our team, we’ve been here before. This isn’t something new. We’ve had guys out. Whether it be Lu, Jo, Derrick or me, we have belief in our team and we’re gonna keep playing.”

Carlos Boozer,  – “It was a great game to play in. Playoff intensity. Physical. Defensive minded. Hard fought. Both teams scrapping and a great win to be a part of. Super proud of Marco. He hit a big shot in a big moment.”

New Orleans Hornets: 

HornetsAustin Rivers, pregame, on who his mom was cheering for – “Me. Because she loves me more.”

Austin Rivers, pregame, on anticipating this day for years – “You know, its just been kind of crazy, and its been a different process.  It’s something I really can’t say much about because I’ve never been through it and neither has my father. I don’t think my dad likes it just because its just different, too much maybe for him, because he has to balance more than I do. I just have to go out there and play my best and help my team win, where as he has to go out there and try to game plan against me and then he wants to be happy for me at the same time…so he kind of has a double-edged sword for him, where as for me I just go out there and play.  I’m sure he doesn’t really like all this, so I know he’s waiting for this night to be over with, where as for me, I’m waiting for it to get started.”

Anthony Davis, postgame, on playing against guys like Kevin Garnett: “It’s fun because it’s gonna make me better. Seeing where my game is, seeing what I need to work on, but it’s fun. I just want to get better and hopefully I can play well enough to help them get better.”

Anthony Davis, postgame, on watching Kevin Garnett on film – “All the time. Before I even got to the league, him going to school in Chicago a lot of people talked about him, so I watched a lot of tape. I try to emulate my game after him and Timmy [Duncan], so you know, all the moves that he does I know because I watched those games.”

Anthony Davis, postgame, on whether his perception of the league has changed since he’s entered it – “No. I knew it was gonna be hard. Guys are gonna try to come after you, but it’s been fun so far. I’ve had a couple of injuries but I’m trying not to let that hold me back. I’m trying to fight through the adversity and keep battling.”

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