SH Blog: Varejao to miss the rest of season, Pau Gasol to come off bench for good

A forgettable season for Cleveland Cavaliers center Anderson Varejao somehow got worse on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Varejao, who has been out with a leg injury, will reportedly miss the rest of the season after developing blood clot in his lower right lung, from

Cavaliers center Anderson Varejao recently developed a blood clot (small right lower lung pulmonary embolism) and was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic last Thursday (January 17th). He is being treated with blood thinners (anticoagulants) and is expected to stay at the Clinic for several days, while undergoing treatment and observation. He will need to remain on blood thinning medication for approximately three months. While Varejao is expected to fully recover, he will miss the remainder of the current Cavaliers season.

Quote from Cavaliers General Manager Chris Grant: “Clearly our players’ health is our top concern and we are disappointed for Anderson, and his family. We know what a competitor he is and how much he wants to be on the court helping his teammates. In the meantime, he has our full support and we look forward to welcoming him back as he recovers.”

The news is such a shame, given the career season Varejao was enjoying prior to the rise of all the health issues. The big man was leading the league in rebounds with 14.4, while scoring at a career-best 14.1 points. He was also a candidate to become traded to a contending team, but that notion is all but out the window with the sudden development of the blood clot.

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  1. Alek Samm says

    Bah! Gasol SHOULD come off the bench. He wants to be a starter, then play like it. I’ve been saying this for the last three years at least, Gasol is a talented big, no question, but if he’s not going to consistently play he is then what’s the point of having all that skill? Guy has no heart.

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