Tweet of the Day: Kobe Bryant & Dwyane Wade

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel Gibson took the time to send out a poignant observation as well as a couple of Dr. King’s memorable speeches via Twitter.

Obama's Inauguration on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.. We still have far to go but what better way to Celebrate his Dream.
Daniel Gibson Sr.
Martin Luther King Jr.'s Last Speech: "I Have Been to the Mountaintop" (Before Death) via @
Daniel Gibson Sr.
The Martin Luther King that's never quoted (IM BLACK & IM BEAUTIFUL)) via @
Daniel Gibson Sr.

For many students and government employees, MLK Day is a day of rest—part of a four-day weekend, for most others it is symbolizes a day of great achievement for this great nation and the rights of the people who reside in it. That is how it ought to be.


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