Tweet of the Day: LeBron James

Generally, as a rule (unwritten, of course), anytime that you do something to which the reaction would be, “Don’t quit your day job,” you know that you’ve probably embarrassed yourself.

That is exactly what LeBron James has done. [See the preemptive tweet.]

So i hear my MJ "Rock with you" & Shai "If I ever fall in love" with @ performance has went viral. Hahaha
LeBron James

That’s right. Miami Heat All-Stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade tag-teamed two Pop/R&B classics at teammate Shane Battier’s South Beach Battioke over the weekend. The event benefited The Battier Take Charge Foundation—which provides 4-year college scholarships for deserving high school students.

There were a handful of notable performances, including Chris Bosh as Barry White. Bosh was awarded as the winner of the evening.

Bosh’s rendition of Barry White’s “My First, My Last, My Everything” is hilarious. You can see a snippet of it in the following highlight video around the 01:48 mark.

If you want to see forward Mike Miller and newly signed big man Chris “Birdman” Andersen struggle to perform Vanilla Ice’s biggest hit, “Ice, Ice Baby,” then watch the below.

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