DraftStreet Diary: You Don’t Have To Finish First To Win Cash; Try Our $300 Freeroll

My attempt to master a relatively new form of fantasy basketball has its ups and downs. Wednesday was a lot of fun. After dropping $35 from the weekly $100 bankroll in just two nights, I joined a handful of $2 leagues. Entering the maximum three teams in two different GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) events paid off, as I replaced the injured Al Horford (and Greg Stiemsma) with Josh Smith and Ivan Johnson, who were both outstanding in the Hawks’ win. That ‘afterthought’ lineup is often a pleasant surprise.

A sixth-place finish out of 275 teams paid $20, and I earned the same amount for coming tenth (among 875 teams) in the other contest. My luck in the $300 Pick’Em pool was even better. Feeling good about my selections in the first seven tiers, but liking nobody in Tier 8, I entered twice. The lineup with Jared Dudley came 28th (of 330) to win $5, and the one using Ramon Sessions finished second, for an $85 payoff. That turned things around in a hurry. Now ahead $76 with four days left, this could be my fourth winning week in the last five.

Even if you have never played in a daily fantasy league before, give it a try in tomorrow’s Sheridan Hoops Freeroll and you might win $100 cash. There’s an additional $200 in consolation prizes for second through 15th place. There’s no entry fee and no obligation.

To get started sooner, click the top-left logo. Though there are only three NBA games this evening, you’ll be surprised at the possible combinations of eight players.

DraftStreet 15Jan. 24
StarsOver $13,000
Blake Griffin$18,311
Carmelo Anthony$17,841
Rajon Rondo$16,891
Nikola Vucevic$14,955
Tyson Chandler$14,008
ScrubsUnder $9,000
Matt Barnes$8,996
Jared Sullinger$8,933
DeAndre Jordan$7,738
DeMar DeRozan$7,866
Terrence Ross$6,003
Starters$9,000 to $13,000
Kevin Garnett$12,538
Glen Davis$11,810
J.R. Smith$11,109
J.J. Redick$11,010
Arron Afflalo$10,442

Carmelo Anthony could be inspired to have the game of his life after that confrontation with Kevin Garnett the last time these teams met; I’m using KG at the price and think Blake Griffin is a better anchor than Melo. Keeping with the Celtics theme, Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce seem like solid value, but spending less in those spots (and more at C) is one of many alternatives.

F1 Blake Griffin (LAC-F) $18,311
F2 Paul Pierce (BOS-F) $13,291
G1 Rajon Rondo (BOS-G)$16,891
G2 J.R. Smith (NY-G)$11,109
C1 Kevin Garnett (BOS-C) $12,538
C2 DeAndre Jordan (LAC-C) $7,738
U1 J.J. Redick (ORL-G) $11,010
U2 Matt Barnes (LAC-F) $8,996

You can make unlimited lineup changes until the 7:00 EST deadline. If you wait too long to enter, some of the best leagues will be full. Entering multiple teams in the GPPs works for me. With only one lineup last night, I wouldn’t have had the courage to use Ivan Johnson; trying him on one of three teams minimized the risk and increased the reward.

To get started with tonight’s NBA games, open a free DraftStreet account. Be sure to join the Friday Freeroll, which costs nothing to enter and pays a guaranteed $300 in cash prizes to the top 15 finishers. Good luck!

The Fantasy Spin, published by 9:00 every morning, recaps all of Wednesday’s action and previews tonight’s tripleheader in detail.

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