DraftStreet Diary: Money For Nothing? Join The Freeroll, Win $100 Cash

More than 700 people have already signed up for the Sheridan Hoops Freeroll — our fantasy contest grows more popular each week. By the 7:00 EST deadline, there will be a record number of entries. It’s a great introduction to daily fantasy leagues, and the price is right, but your odds are much better in other leagues. For example, the $1,000 GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) is limited to 550 teams, offerss more than triple the prize money, pays 49 consolation prizes instead of 14, and costs only $2 to join.

Every day, I enter the maximum three teams in that contest, and dabble in other $2 and $5 pools. My week is going well, despite getting blanked last night. The $100 bankroll, reset every Monday, is up $60 before the weekend, so there’s a good chance of finishing in the black for the fourth time in five weeks.

The following table is NOT for the Freeroll. It’s for the hundreds of other Friday night leagues, with the salaries more ‘current’ because they are adjusted every day. Players who got hot since the Freeroll salaries were set several days ago will be relative bargains there. For example, Josh Smith is just $14,290 in the Freeroll, but costs $16,504 in most leagues after his huge Wednesday, and Ersan Ilyasova, a mere $11,737 a few days ago, now costs $15,289. That doesn’t make them ‘sure things’ by any means, only better values.

DraftStreet 15Jan. 25
StarsOver $13,000
LeBron James$23,557
Kevin Durant$22,717
Stephen Curry$17,868
Russell Westbrook$17,286
Kyrie Irving$17,257
ScrubsUnder $9,000
Darrell Arthur$8,328
Carlos Delfino$8,800
Boris Diaw$7,218
Kevin Martin$8,399
Greg Stiemsma$5,447
Starters$9,000 to $13,000
Vince Carter$10,563
Serge Ibaka$12,964
Tiago Splitter$12,828
Earl Clark$10,790
Dion Waiters$9,469

With ten games, 20 teams and over 250 players to choose from, the chart just attempts to narrow down the choices. That’s five recommendations in each of three price ranges, but I’ve omitted a lot of excellent players.

F1 LeBron James (MIA-F) $23,557
F2 Serge Ibaka (OKC-F) $12,964
G1 Greivis Vasquez (NO-G) $15,631
G2 Vince Carter (DAL-G) $10,563
C1 Tiago Splitter (SA-C) $12,828
C2 Boris Diaw (SA-C) $7,218
U1 Darrell Arthur (MEM-F) $8,328
U2 Carlos Delfino (HOU-G) $8,800

You can make unlimited lineup changes until the 7:00 EST deadline. Breaking news during the day, usually injuries or illnesses, can dramatically alter the value of players, and sometimes I just change my mind. Using LeBron James at that astronomical salary paints you into a corner somewhat; a more balanced team can often defeat the ‘stars and scrubs’ approach.

Be sure to join the Friday Freeroll, but with so many entries, it really is difficult to win. You have a much better chance in cash leagues, which DraftStreet offers every day, not just on the NBA, but for college hoops and hockey, too. Good luck!

The Fantasy Spin, published by 9:00 every morning, recaps last night’s tripleheader and previews all of Friday’s games in more detail.

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