The Bernucca List – Edition 40

Alex C. is one of the many Sheridan Hoops readers who make this site possible.

We have a number of interactive features on Sheridan Hoops. One of them is this one – The Bernucca List, which tests the NBA knowledge of our readers in what we think is a fun way.

Alex C. nailed the correct answer to last week’s list, which was “Players who have finished second in MVP voting multiple times.” Everyone on the list finished second at least twice; Jerry West finished second four times without ever winning it.

I told Alex C. that he had the right answer and asked him if he had correctly answered any other lists earlier this season. I have been trying to keep track of which readers have the most correct answers, and the truth is I didn’t want to click back through every list this season.

So Alex C. took pity on my laziness and responded to my response.

That is what we want here at Sheridan Hoops. Sure, we want huge readership. Yes, we want to be bookmarked and followed by everybody. But more important, we want a site that NBA fans find comfortable, intelligent and inclusive.

Readers like Alex C. make that goal realistic.

This week’s list is after the jump.


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