Fantasy Planner Week 14: Let’s Make Decisions

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Position Collisions Lead to Fantasy Decisions

Welcome to the Fantasy Planner. I’m Mitch McClure and I’m going to be contributing to the Sheridan Hoops fantasy department. Just to get to know me a bit, I’m a man of a million nicknames. A few popular ones are Dirk NoMitchzki, Dikembe MitchTumbo, and the CoMitchioner. I’ve been playing fantasy basketball for years and will give readers all the advice they can handle through my columns and Twitter.

I often use strategics when planning and shifting around my fantasy rosters. A team should always have at least one player that is droppable. A point guard that doesn’t steal the ball and hit threes will have a tough time staying on my roster. I’m a person who likes to have balance within all categories. I’m very picky with my imaginary NBA team.

Here’s a look at the upcoming schedule, with a breakdown on the next page.

Week 14 Schedule

ATL Hawks Team Page  VS TOR  VS CHI
BOS Celtics Team Page  VS SAC  VS ORL  vs LAC
BRK Nets Team Page  VS ORL  VS MIA  VS CHI
CHA Bobcats Team Page  @ CHI  @ SAS  @ HOU
CHI Bulls Team Page  VS CHA  @ MIL  @ BRK  @ ATL
CLE Cavs Team Page  VS GSW  @ DET  VS OKC
DAL mavs small logo  @ POR  @ GSW  @ PHX
DEN Nuggets Team Page  VS IND  VS HOU  VS NOH
DET Pistons Team Page  VS MIL  @ IND  VS CLE  VS LAL
GSW Warriors Team Page  @ TOR  @ CLE  VS DAL  VS PHX
HOU Rockets Team Page @ UTA  @ DEN  VS CHA
IND Pacers Team Page  @ DEN  VS DET  VS MIA
LAC Clippers Team Page @ MIN  @ TOR  @ BOS
LAL Lakers Team Page  VS NOH  @ PHX  @ MIN  @ DET
MEM Grizzlies Team Page  @ PHI  @ OKC  VS WAS
MIA Heat Team Page  @BRK  @ IND  @ TOR
MIL Bucks Team Page  @ DET  VS CHI  @ NYK  VS ORL
MIN Wolves Team Page  VS LAC  VS LAL  VS NOH
NOH Hornets Team Page  @ LAL  @ UTA  @ DEN  @ MIN
NYK Knicks Team Page  VS ORL  VS MIL  VS SAC
OKC Thunder Team Page  VS MEM  @ CLE
ORL Magic Team Page  @ BRK  @ NYK  @ BOS  @ MIL
PHI Sixers Team Page  VS MEM  VS WAS  VS SAC
PHO Suns Team Page  VS LAL  VS DAL  @ GSW
POR Blazers Team Page  VS DAL  @ UTA  VS UTA
SAC Kings Team Page  @ WAS  @ BOS  @ PHI  @ NYK
SAS Spurs Team Page  VS CHA  VS WAS
TOR Raptors Team Page  VS GSW  @ ATL  VS LAC  VS MIA
UTA Jazz Team Page  VS HOU  VS NOH  VS POR  @ POR
WAS Wizards Team Page  VS SAC  @ PHI  @ MEM  @ SAS


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