Sheridan: Who is more toasted — Celtics or Lakers? Or neither?

Put a fork in them — both of them. The Lakers and Celtics, that is. They’re done.

The Boston Celtics were a borderline championship contender even before they learned they would be without Rajon Rondo for the remainder of the season, and now they have no hope. The only question for me is whether Danny Ainge will break up the core of the team and trade either Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce.

And then we have the Lakers, who knocked off the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday and looked pretty good in doing so.

Congratulations, fellas, but that doesn’t make up for three months of ineptitude.

And as I discuss with CineSport’s Noah Coslov in the video below, it is time for the Lakers to determine whether it is best to trade Dwight Howard or risk losing him for nothing in the summer when he becomes an unrestricted free agent.


  1. stepxxxxz says

    good stuff. The problem for both Boston and LA is that the GM (in the case of LA its really jim buss…but never mind…..) is that they have nothing to trade. They are crippled with very expensive contracts for aging players. Pau is clearly on the downside…much as people seem not to want to admit it. Kobe is aging, but is still a fearsome player, and then you have Metta Artest who you couldnt give away I dont think. For boston, for some reason, Jeff Green was given a wildly extravagant contract, and really same for Bass and lee. And pierce and KG…locked in for big money. Boston at least has a pick this year. The point is, these are aging teams with few movable properties. Its worth noting how well san antonio has re-tooled on the fly for over a decade. Finding guys like Tiago SPlitter is the sign of a smart organization.

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