Tweet of the Day: White House

Championship teams infrequently visited the White House for well over a century until Ronald Reagan made it a tradition to host every major champion in the 1980s. Since then, every year fans have been inundated with photos and press coverage of championship teams being congratulated by the President of the United States while visiting the White House. Typically, access given to the public is limited to team photos at the front steps of the White House and in the East Room.

Until recently, fans had little insight into what such a visit to the nation’s capital looked like. Now especially—with the advent of Twitter and other forms of social media—fans can get an inside look into what their favorite players do.

Enter the Miami Heat.

Video: President Obama welcomes the NBA champion @ to the White House: #HEATatWhiteHouse
The White House

Monday, the reigning NBA champion Miami Heat visited the White House. Aside from the team’s twitter page giving near room-by-room updates, some of the players took time to post pics of their own.

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