Daily NBA Trivia Question, Jan. 29, 2013

Tough guy Charles Oakley committed 43 bad boys. Shaquille O’Neal is second with 39. This season, Dwight Howard is the league leader with four.

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Jack Scheuer is our in-house trivia maven, and a fixture on the Philly hoops scene, with 40 years experience covering NBA and college basketball, Phillies baseball and Penn football. A columnist for PhilaHoops.com, Jack was inducted into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 2009, and the Philadelphia Big 5 Hall of Fame in 2002. He has been an assistant basketball coach at Drexel University and Father Judge H.S. (Phila).


  1. Peter Stein says

    Not sure where you got your information on today’s daily trivia question about the career leader in flagrants. See this link:


    According to the NBA, they instituted flagrant fouls in the 96-97 season. If that’s true, then Oakley isn’t the leader.

    “In closing, I’d like to draw your attention to #5 Charles Oakley, who retired in 2003 and still managed to rack up 22 flagrant fouls in only seven seasons (including six (!!) in 2000). Had flagrant fouls been in existence for most of Oakley’s career, I’m pretty confident he could have gotten to fifty. Oak is a terrifying man.”

    • says

      Apparently they took the data from Harvey Pollack’s Statistical Yearbook which includes flagrant foul leaders since 1990. A quote from Jun 5, 1980 Boston Globe suggests the league kept track of flagrant fouls since at least 1979-80.

      “A flagrant foul will call for mandatory ejection. There were only three flagrant fouls in 902 league games last year, and only one of the three offenders, M.L. Carr, was ejected. Now anyone so cited will be heaved out.”

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