SH Blog: Arn Tellem wants Billy Hunter out; Robert Parish is struggling; Cartman sighting

Many have expected his career to be over but the young fella has been working hard on getting back to the big stage.  A few teams have been interested in Oden including the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers.  According to Jeff Goodman, Oden is leaning towards the Miami Heat or Cleveland Cavaliers.   Greg has been working out in Indianapolis, IL and Columbus, OH for his rehab and expects to return for the start of the 2013-2014 NBA season.

  • The latest on Phil Jackson, who could end up in Seattle as president of the Kings/Sonics. Excerpt from a post on this site by longtime Jackson confidante Charley Rosen: “Why is he returning to the NBA wars in the first place? Because Jackson always has had a sharp and combative competitive edge. Yes, he’s done his share of traveling – including a motorcycle tour of New Zealand and Australia – but there are no winners and losers in the travel game. He’s also made numerous (and lucrative) presentations to high-powered CEOs about teamwork and such. But most of these audiences just wanted the chance to be in his company and schmooze with him before and after his speeches. They would have been satisfied if he had read the New York City phone book.Because Jackson understands and appreciates the fact that his ability to assemble and motivate ballclubs is his major God-given talent, one that must be exercised as long as possible. Because, in the end, PJ simply has a basketball Jones.”


  • With a new spot opening up for the All Star Game next month since Rajon Rondo was ruled out for the season, the Nets are hoping one of their players will earn the spot.  Most are looking at the big man, Brook Lopez, to get the spot vacated by Rajon.  Deron Williams seems to agree with that view. “He’s an All-Star this year,” said Williams. “It’s just unfortunate because everybody that’s on the team deserved to be on the team, but now there’s a spot so there’s still a chance that he can get in.”
  • If Rondo was to be replaced by another point guard, would Jeff Teague be worthy? Our Jeremy Bauman takes a closer look. “Last year Teague could rely on Joe Johnson to bring the ball up at times or make plays as the shot clock expired. This season, despite first year Hawks GM Danny Ferry bringing in Devin Harris and Lou Williams (out for the season with a torn ACL), Teague’s had more responsibility to run the show. With more playing time and ball handling/playmaking responsibilities, there are more expectations. “I would say Teague, when you watch him play there are times where he looks like an All-Star and there are times where you wonder where he is on the court,” said veteran journalist and unabashed Hawks fan Lang Whitaker. “He still can’t quite assert himself regularly. There’s also times where he’s not really driving to the basket where he doesn’t really know how to make a mark on the game.”As Whitaker spoke, Teague was in the midst of a game that perfectly described this dilemma.


  • Glen “Big Baby” Davis is going to be taking a different approach when it comes to his interactions with the officials according to the Orlando Sentinel.“I’m not going to say ‘Hi,’ ” he pledged. “I’m not going to say, ‘How are you doing?’ I’m just going to come here and play. That’s it because it’s been messing up my game, messing up the flow of my game, and I’ve got to grow up.” Hopefully Glen can follow through on his pledge.  He is maturing every day before our eyes.“You can’t just think that I am stronger than everybody else,” he said. “If people foul you, they foul you. You know what I mean? Yeah, I don’t jump high. I go straight to the rim. But I’m not going to complain if there’s not a foul. The refs know that. But I’ve got to blend in with the game and let them do what they need to do. So I just need to shut up.”
  • Add Mario Chalmers to the list of NBA players who rank themselves higher than the rest of the league view them.   Chris Tomasson from Fox Sports was able to grab the quote from the young point guard. Chalmers believes he is one of the top 10 point guards currently in the NBA.“I’d say top 10,’’ the Miami Heat fifth-year man said of where he ranks. “I’m not in the lower part (of the top 10), I’m in the middle part. I just have confidence in myself. I think I can compete with the best of them.’’ Mario Chalmers does not lack self confidence. “He’s got ‘Mister Clutch’ tattooed on him, so he’s one confident guy,’’ Heat forward LeBron James said. “He’s always been a confident guy, and that’s why we love him.’’ The “Mister’’ is tattooed on his left bicep and the “Clutch’’ on his right one. Chalmers got it done in cursive writing after being drafted in the second round by the Miami Heat in June 2008.
  • Things seem to be going well in Laker land these days.  Dwight Howard spoke a little bit on the relationship between Kobe and himself. “I’m happy me and Kobe are getting on the same page,” Howard said. “In order for us to win, me and him have to be together and on the same page. We have to lead this team.” Inside the Lakers has more quotes from Dwight regarding Kobe’s confrontational style and how it has benefit the Lakers recently during their turn around.


  1. Alek Samm says

    Sooooooo…Mario Chalmers thinks he’s in the top 10? Really now? At least when Rajon Rondo said that, there’s skill and talent to back that up. Put Rajon Rondo on another team and he’d likely still put up the same exact numbers. But Chalmers? He lucky enough to be playing with Lebron, Wade and Bosh. Put HIM on another team and I guarantee he wouldn’t rank anywhere near the top 10 PGs in the league.

    Just my one cent (since I can’t afford two).

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