Sheridan: Grizzlies Win!!!! (So do Pistons)

The Grizzlies emerge from this trade more capable of winning a championship. The needed a vet voice in the locker room.

Anyone who has ever been in a locker room with Allen or Zach Randolph knows you would prefer someone else as a calming locker room leadership presence.

Now they have one.

So get over your sorrow, Memphis. You won the trade.

As for Detroit, welcome to cap space nirvana.

From Chris Bernucca, this little chart shows who comes off Detroit’s books this summer:

Jose Calderon            $10.5M
Corey Maggette         $9.24M
Richard Hamilton       $5.5M
Jason Maxiell                   $5M
Will Bynum                    $3.5M
TOTAL                         $28.24M
The Pistons have about $35 million in contracts for next season. That does not include cap holds but it does include Charlie Villanueva’s $8.6 million player option, which he will surely exercise. It also doesn’t include the slot allocated for first-round pick.
Because they bought out Hamilton , the Pistons still have their amnesty provision. They almost certainly will use it on Villanueva, which would give them nearly $37 million coming off the payroll.
The  remaining roster is a bit shallow but has some young studs: Rodney Stuckey, Jonas  Jerebko, Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight, Andre Drummond, Slava Kravstov, Kyle Singler, Khris Middleton and Kyle English.
So they win, too.
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  1. Gregory says

    Unbelievable, still not a single mention of the Raptors . . . . for a basketball website, where is the analysis on the Raptors? Oh, they are in Canada, no one cares about them. Typical NBA perspective. 5th largest market in North America and not a single mention. Oh it’s so cold in Canada . . . Toronto has the same temperature as New York and Boston.

  2. Steve says

    THANK YOU!! As soon as i heard they were getting Prince, I thought the same thing! Rudy Gay is fine and dandy, but he’s not as good on defense, can’t hit perimeter shots and was making way too much for what little he really brought to the table. Prince gives you perimeter scoring, superior defense and is more than willing to be a complimentary piece instead of the star.

  3. Stephen says

    I don’t get why such a big deal is getting made out of Prince’s 3 shooting. He’s a career 37% shooter and he’s only made 23 this season.

    • Chris says

      John – Haven’t you heard? Acquiring good players and winning titles isn’t important anymore. You have to have a “sustainable team” and avoid the luxury tax at ALL costs, including wins.

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