Tweet of the Day: Mike Conley and Tony Allen

Some moments in life take you by surprise and some leave you flabbergasted. Then, there are times where something leaves you completely speechless.

Enter Memphis Grizzlies guard Mike Conley.

And then this from Tony Allen:


That was Conley’s and Allen’s reaction to the news that their teammate, forward Rudy Gay, has just been traded to the Toronto Raptors.

The details, which were previously detailed in Wednesday’s SH Blog, have Gay and Hamed Haddadi going to Toronto for point guard Jose Calderon and forward Ed Davis. Additionally, reports have stated that the Grizzlies expect to receive a second-round pick from the Grizzlies.

Calderon is expected to be traded to the Detroit Pistons for two forwards, Austin Daye and Tayshaun Prince and a future second-round pick.

Additionally, NBA blogger J.E. Skeets has proposed a possible outcome for Haddadi that ends with him not in a Toronto uniform.

FYI: Raptors are likely to buyout/waive Haddadi because getting him a visa up here would be a tremendous amount of work.
J.E. Skeets

The move will save the Grizzlies some money, as Gay’s contract was worth $37 million over the next two seasons. It will also add more depth to what is already one of the best frontcourts in basketball.

Oklahoma City forward-center Kendrick Perkins had a harsh reaction to the trade.

Wow that was 1 crazy trade today. Are you serious Rudy Gay is right there under KD, Lebron, Kobe, and Melo. #badtrade
Kendrick Perkins

With the Raptors in Atlanta for a game at Philips Arena Wednesday night, SB Nation Hawks writer Robby Kalland sent out this tweet with the attached photo of Jose Calderon.

That is Jose Calderon in the front leaving Philips Arena and the Toronto Raptors.
Robby Kalland

Calderon leaving Philips Arena in Atlanta and the Toronto Raptors.

As noted by Jorge Sierra off HoopsHype, this trade is probably much more emotional than most.

This trade more emotional than most: All the players involved have played for just one team during their NBA careers.

Hopefully, for the players’ sake, the trades will all be finalized soon and they can resume their lives. As it is, particularly for someone like Calderon who is expected to be traded again, it must suck to be stuck in limbo.


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