Tweet of the Night: Chris Webber

What's worse, lakers not making playoffs or making the playoffs and getting swept by lil brother- Clippers?
Chris Webber

Talk about a harsh reality check by Chris Webber.

The Los Angeles Lakers, who have suddenly transformed into a more watchable team with the development of Kobe Bryant’s incredible willingness to share the ball, didn’t get much love from C-Webb, who thinks the best-case scenario for them may be a first-round sweep by crosstown rival, the Los Angeles Clippers.

Lets put aside the predictions for a minute, though, and talk about this borderline-unbelievable transformation of the Lakers

Bryant, who suddenly thinks he is Magic Johnson, came into Tuesday’s game against the New Orleans Hornets with the mindset of maintaining focus, as you can see from his tweet below:


  1. Kilgary says

    Webber still bitter his Queens couldn’t beat the Lakers in his prime. Yes, Kobe wasn’t called for bloodying Bibby’s nose in Game 6; but the Kings had a chance in Game 7 in OT at home…and blew it. Sour grapes from Webber. Blew a chance at a championship in college with his technical foul time out and blew a chance at a championship in the NBA at home vs Kobe and Shaq in 2002.

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