DraftStreet Diary: Win $100 Cash In Our Friday Freeroll

Tomorrow night, we have another Sheridan Hoops Freeroll just for you, with $300 cash in the prize pool and $100 for the winner. It’s fun to play, and the price is right, but with over 1,000 entries last week, and over 400 hundred already this week, it’s quite a challenge.

DraftStreet offers daily fantasy hoops leagues even when there are only two NBA games. Click the top-left logo to play tonight, starting with free contests if you prefer.

I’m down $39 from the $100 weekly bankroll after three days, and still haven’t had a team finish in the money. It takes only one good night each week to turn a profit, and tonight is a brand-new season, so we’re not giving up.

DraftStreet 15Jan. 31
StarsOver $13,000
Kevin Durant$23,104
Russell Westbrook$17,354
David Lee$17,084
Marc Gasol$15,919
Jarrett Jack$15,069
ScrubsUnder $9,000
Kevin Martin$8,852
Darrell Arthur$7,368
Tony Allen$7,627
Chris Johnson$5,099
Kendrick Perkins$7,733
Starters$9,000 to $13,000
Klay Thompson$12,808
Andrew Bogut$12,463
O.J. Mayo$12,841
Serge Ibaka$12,927
Shawn Marion$12,359

The daily chart makes five recommendations in three different price ranges. Narrowing the player pool down to 15 still leaves a lot of possible 8-man lineups. Enter early; many good contests will fill before the 8:00 EST deadline. You can make unlimited roster changes until then.

F1 Kevin Durant (OKC-F) $23,104
F2 David Lee (GS-F) $17,084
G1 Darren Collison (DAL-G) $13,010
G2 Klay Thompson (GS-G) $12,808
C1 Andrew Bogut (GS-C) $12,463
C2 Kendrick Perkins (OKC-C) $7,733
U1 Darrell Arthur (MEM-F) $7,368
U2 Draymond Green (GS-F) $6,258

The above lineup depends on Kevin Durant getting enough minutes to run up his numbers. I’m concerned that the Grizzlies will not only be shorthanded, but somewhat shocked by yesterday’s trade, and that game could be out of reach early. Using Draymond Green as a filler is based on Carl Landry and Harrison Barnes being unable to play; if word comes in time that either of them can go, I’ll probably replace Green.

To get started with Thursday leagues, open a free DraftStreet account. Be sure to join tomorrow’s $300 Freeroll, which costs nothing to enter and pays a guaranteed $300 in cash prizes to the top 15 finishers.

The Fantasy Spin appears by 9:00 every morning, with a full breakdown of the big trade, recaps of all 12 Wednesday games and previews of tonight’s doubleheader.

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