Video: More on why Grizzlies won the Tayshaun Prince trade

Can I call it the Tayshaun Prince trade? Nobody in Memphis is calling it by that name … but they will.

I came right out Wednesday night after the trade was announced and explained why I felt the Grizzlies had come out ahead despite breaking up their “Core Four.” Prince is more experienced than anybody in that locker room, Prince is a better 3-point shooter than Gay, and Ed Davis is more than a throw-in in this deal. He will replace what Marreese Speights brought off the bench before being sent to Cleveland in the Grizzlies’ first trade of the John Hollinger era.

More on that below, plus a look at the Lakers’ latest road loss and a preview of the best game of the weekend.


  1. stepxxxxz says

    whoa, big disagree. So far the results suggest your wrong Chris. Prince isnt who he was in 2005. Also, Gay figures to improve his numbers. And experience? Well,. stats only get you so far. Right now memphis is a mess……..and Toronto is much much improved.

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