DraftStreet Diary: Like Free Money? Enter Our Freeroll, Win $100 Cash

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While we probably won’t approach last Friday’s record of 1,068 teams, the Sheridan Hoops Freeroll has more than 600 entries already, and it doesn’t close until 7:00 EST. It’s a great way to try daily fantasy leagues, and a chance to win money for nothing, but the odds are considerably better in cash leagues, like the $1,000 GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) which is limited to 550 teams, offers more than triple the prize money, pays 49 consolation prizes instead of 14, and costs only $2 to join.

Every day, I enter the maximum three teams in that contest, and dabble in other $2 and $5 pools. I’m having no luck at all the last few days; the $100 bankroll, reset every Monday, is down to just $55 heading into the weekend. Based on past results, I’m due to win something soon; tonight is a brand new ‘season’ and you never really know when it’s your turn.

The following table is NOT for the Freeroll. It’s for the hundreds of other Friday night leagues, with player salaries more ‘current’ because they are adjusted every day. Anyone who got hot since the Freeroll salaries were set on Monday will be a relative bargain there. For example, Michael Beasley is just $8,490 in the Freeroll, but costs $11,663 in most leagues after his huge game against the Lakers. Kyle Lowry is now the undisputed #1 PG for the Raptors; he is attractively priced at $11,959 in the Freeroll compared to his current $13,527 salary.

DraftStreet 15 Feb. 1
Stars Over $13,000
LeBron James $22,249
Blake Griffin $19,191
Carmelo Anthony $17,458
Kobe Bryant $17,778
Jrue Holiday $15,931
Scrubs Under $9,000
Dion Waiters $8,901
Jeff Green $6,976
Andrew Nicholson $5,206
Kyle Singler $7,815
Andre Miller $7,852
Starters $9,000 to $13,000
Shawn Marion $12,959
Spencer Hawes $12,648
Marcin Gortat $12,657
Taj Gibson $11,247
Michael Beasley $11,663

With 12 NBA games, that’s 24 teams and over 300 players to choose from. To help narrow it down, we make five daily recommendations in each of three price ranges, but there are many other great choices across the full salary range. Here’s one lineup I’ve entered:

F1 Thaddeus Young (PHI-F) $13,075
F2 Danilo Gallinari (DEN-F) $14,365
G1 Kobe Bryant (LAL-G) $17,778
G2 Dion Waiters (CLE-G) $8,901
C1 Nikola Pekovic (MIN-C) $13,644
C2 Marcin Gortat (PHO-C) $12,657
U1 Michael Beasley (PHO-F) $11,663
U2 Kyle Singler (DET-G) $7,815

Given that I’m ‘paying retail’ to use Beasley, you can imagine how much I like him (for $3,173 less) in the Freeroll. I’m kind of hoping Dwight Howard (shoulder) doesn’t play. If he does, I’m not quite as keen on Kobe Bryant or Nikola Pekovic. Fortunately, you can make unlimited lineup changes until the 7:00 EST deadline, and last-minute reactions to breaking news of injury or illness have paid off for me in the past.

Be sure to join the $300 Freeroll, though you really do have a much better chance in cash leagues, which DraftStreet offers every day — not just on the NBA, but for college hoops and hockey, too. Good luck!

The Fantasy Spin, published by 9:00 every morning, recaps last night’s tripleheader and previews all of Friday’s games in more detail.

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