DraftStreet Diary: “Lootmeister” Defeats 900 Others in Freeroll

OK, the Sheridan Hoops Freeroll can’t set a new record every week. A still-impressive 903 teams entered, down from that incredible 1,068 the week before. “Lootmeister” scored 271.5 points to win the $100 first prize, beating “CBerrian” (who won 60 bucks) and “ripthejack” ($30) as my team staggered home in 269th place. Congratulations to all the prize winners and thanks to everyone who joined.

Don’t forget, your odds of winning are much better in cash leagues. For example, today’s $1,000 GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) pays $200 for first, $125 for second, $90 for third and the top 50 win cash. It’s limited to the first 550 entries, pays out 330% more money and the entry fee is a mere $2 higher than a Freeroll.

I’m having a rare o-fer this week. Haven’t even won a consolation prize in five days, one of my longest ‘slumps’ of the season. There is just $41 left from the $100 bankroll, which resets every Monday. It’s the law of averages. After turning a profit in four of the previous five weeks, the picks just haven’t clicked. We’ll try again tonight, and save a few bucks for Sunday.

DraftStreet 15Feb. 2
StarsOver $13,000
Carmelo Anthony$17,958
Kevin Durant$22,446
David Lee$17,863
James Harden$17,954
Jarrett Jack$13,689
ScrubsUnder $9,000
Carlos Delfino$8,691
E’Twaun Moore$7,601
Andrew Nicholson$6,606
Alexey Shved$6,588
Isaiah Thomas$8,192
Starters$9,000 to $13,000
Kyle Korver$12,964
Chandler Parsons$12,676
Klay Thompson$12,623
Damian Lillard$12,197
J.R. Smith$9,938

These Salary Cap contests require both skill and luck to win; picking good players is a must — what the hell was I thinking with Michael Beasley? — but you also need to avoid foul trouble, injuries and illnesses. With nine NBA games tonight, there are countless possible lineups. The chart attempts to narrow things down in three different price ranges.

F1 David Lee (GS-F) $17,863
F2 Taj Gibson (CHI-F) $9,695
G1 James Harden (HOU-G) $17,594
G2 Damian Lillard (POR-G) $12,197
C1 Omer Asik (HOU-C) $12,864
C2 Tiago Splitter (SA-C) $11,984
U1 J.R. Smith (NY-G) $9,938
U2 E’Twaun Moore (ORL-G) $7,601

The above lineup does not include Kevin Durant, whose high salary is well-deserved. I think the Thunder will be so far ahead that KD will get to rest for much of the second half. Breaking news during the day can lead to re-evaluating players; you can make unlimited roster changes until the 7:00 EST deadline.

It’s always free to open a DraftStreet account. Don’t wait for next week’s Freeroll. They offer free leagues every day that will help you learn the rules, and contests ranging from $2 entry fees up to hundreds of dollars.

The Fantasy Spin, published by 9:00 every morning, previews all of tonight’s games in more detail and reviews what happened on Friday, when Rudy Gay and Tayshaun Prince tried on new uniforms.

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