Tweet of the Night: The New York Knicks (Jason Kidd)

Jason Kidd on @: "I want him to show us something different. I want to see a 20/20 night."
NBA New York Knicks

Over the past three contests against Milwaukee Bucks, Sacramento Kings and Detroit Pistons, Chandler has averaged an astounding 20 rebounds, matching a streak that was last accomplished by Hall of Famer Willis Reed – a Knicks legend – back in December of 1969. In that same span, however, Chandler has only managed to score 9.3 points – more than two points below his average of 11.8. How dare he!

With his ability to finish baskets, a 20-20 game should certainly be attainable for the center if he chose to fish for such stats. With so many capable scorers on the team, though, there isn’t necessarily a need for Chandler to try to think outside the box.

9.3 points and 20 rebounds will do just fine.

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