Tweet of the Night: J.R. Smith

Sixth man J.R. Smith opened up his phone and saw some pretty unpleasant messages on his twitter after his team, the New York Knicks, lost to the Washington Wizards 106-96, for the first time in eleven games.

At least that is the assumption, based on his not-so-friendly tweet about “everyone” on twitter:

Everyone on twitter either thinks they know basketball or think the can play! Trust me if you could play you would ...

As Smith himself would say in this kind of situation, you mad, bro?

Since we’re on the topic of Smith, here’s an interesting stat about the shooting guard we’ll throw out there for you: prior to Wednesday’s game against the Wizards, 40 of his last 46 shot attempts have been from beyond the 3-point line in the span of three games. The Knicks won all three of those contests.

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