DraftStreet Diary: Money For Nothing, Picks For Free — Win $100 Cash

The Sheridan Hoops Freeroll has become unbelievably popular over the last two weeks. Actually, the 900+ teams last Friday was down from 1,068 the week before, and with about nine hours to go before the 7:00 EST deadline, we are heading for another avalanche of entries. If you have never tried daily fantasy leagues, there is no better way to start. You have nothing to lose but a few minutes of very enjoyable time, and you could win up to a hundred bucks!

The odds of winning are considerably better in cash leagues, like the $1,000 GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) which is limited to 550 teams, offers more than triple the prize money, pays 49 consolation prizes instead of 14, and costs only $2 more to join than the Freeroll. Every day, I enter the maximum three teams in that contest, and join a few other $2 and $5 leagues; the last two days we’ve looked at Snake drafts and the Pick ‘Em format, both interesting alternatives to the Salary Cap game.

My $100 bankroll, reset every Monday, is down to just $66.50 after getting skunked on Thursday. Tonight is a brand new ‘season’ and you never know when it’s your turn.

Today’s table is NOT for the Freeroll. It’s for the many other Friday night leagues, with player salaries more ‘current’ because they are adjusted every day. For example, there’s a 350-team qualifier for the 2013 DraftStreet Basketball Championship. That entry fee is $22, but second place earns $640 from the $2,500 GPP and the winner gets a seat in the Main Event, with a chance at the $50,000 grand prize.

Players who got hot since the Freeroll salaries were set on Monday will be a relative bargain. Enes Kanter costs only $6,969 in the Freeroll, but after his huge game against the Bucks, he is all the way up to $9,671 in most leagues. Rudy Gay was a mere $12,721 a few days ago until another strong performance on Wednesday bumped him to $15,232 — $2,511 more than his Freeroll price.

DraftStreet 15Feb. 8
StarsOver $13,000
LeBron James$22,987
Kevin Durant$20,393
Carmelo Anthony$16,712
Kobe Bryant$17,799
Kyrie Irving$15,635
ScrubsUnder $9,000
Dion Waiters$8,778
Andray Blatche$8,181
Tayshaun Prince$8,775
Randy Foye$8,518
Alec Burks$6,715
Starters$9,000 to $13,000
Amare Stoudemire$12,037
Wesley Matthews$11,767
George Hill$12,860
Jameer Nelson$12,144
Derrick Favors$11,586

With 12 NBA games, that’s 24 teams and over 300 players to choose from. To narrow it down, we make five recommendations in each of three price ranges, but there are many other choices. Here’s one lineup I’ve entered:

F1 Tristan Thompson (CLE-F) $14,234
F2 Patrick Patterson (HOU-F) $9,279
G1 James Harden (HOU-G) $19,518
G2 Kyrie Irving (CLE-G) $15,635
C1 Andray Blatche (BKN-C) $8,181
C2 Enes Kanter (UTA-C) $9,671
U1 Wesley Matthews (POR-G) $11,767
U2 Danny Green (SA-G) $11,590

That’s guard-heavy, for sure. I’m using two centers who don’t even start, but Andray Blatche will be pumped to visit Washington again after they used the amnesty clause to get rid of him, and Kanter might get extra minutes if the Jazz get way ahead of the exhausted, injured Bulls. The Cleveland duo of Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson are attractively priced, considering their last couple of games.

In all leagues, you can make unlimited lineup changes until the 7:00 EST deadline, and last-minute reactions to breaking news of injury or illness can really pay off.

Be sure to join the $300 Freeroll, but take a long look at the better odds in cash leagues, which DraftStreet offers every day — not just on the NBA, but for college hoops and hockey, too. See you there!

The Fantasy Spin, published by 9:00 every morning, previews all 12 of Friday’s games and recaps last night’s doubleheader, when the Celtics and Nuggets were big winners.

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