Sheridan Hoops Sixth Man Rankings: Week 14

1JAMAL CRAWFORD, G, LA CLIPPERS: Crawford suffered a shoulder injury that kept him out of Wednesday’s win at Orlando. Perhaps he got hurt carrying the offense with Chris Paul out. He still managed to put up 21.7 ppg in three games he was able to participate in.1
2ThunderKEVIN MARTIN, G, OKLAHOMA CITY: Martin averaged 17.7 points while shooting 51 percent (21-of-41) from the field and 45 percent (9-of-20) from the arc. He did all this despite a hip injury. And hey, Russell Westbrook didn’t yell at him.2
3KnicksJ.R. SMITH, G, NEW YORK: Averaged 17.8 points in four games while shooting 44 percent overall. However, 44 of his 59 shots were from the arc and he got to the free throw line just four times. The Knicks already have Steve Novak.4
4HornetsRYAN ANDERSON, F, NEW ORLEANS: Had a rough week, shooting just 13-of-33 while averaging 14.3 points in three games. The runaway leader in attempts and makes from the arc was one of six players chosen for the Three-Point Contest at All-Star Weekend
5MagicJ.J. REDICK, G, ORLANDO: It’s especially tough to fill this slot this week. Redick has injury problems, as do Manu Ginobili and Gordon Hayward. Ray Allen, Carl Landry and Marcus Thornton all had rough weeks. Redick stays by default but can’t miss any more time.5


FIVE TO WATCH: Ray Allen, G, Miami; Manu Ginobili, G, San Antonio; Gordon Hayward, G-F, Utah; Jarrett Jack, G, Golden State; Carl Landry, F, Golden State.

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  1. stepxxxxz says

    Well, this is the toughest of the lists to do, I think. But Id say jamal crawford is wildly overrated………look at his numbers, Im guessing they have dropped off and while CP3 was out he has done nothing to stop the bleeding. And JR Smith…..lets check the stats…..16 pts a game on only 40% shooting and 33% on his threes. WHY does he get such love? Because its a big market….new york gets love and rudy gay gets bashed for slightly better numbers. Ok….and Smith cant play D. I nominate Javale McGhee…… 18 min a game he is getting 10 pts on 56% shooting, plus TWO BLOCKS a game (in 18 min!!)…………how is he not on here? And you know, before he got hurt, Pondexter in Memphis would have been my pick. Im glad to see Landry get props, and Hayward should be ahead of JR for certain. GH plays some defense at least.

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