SH Blog: Trade rumors on Bledsoe, Mozgov, Humphries, et al

Twelve days until the trade deadline. This is the busiest time of year in the NBA, apart from maybe the first week of free agency. Both are equally fun to monitor as the winds shift from day to day. Memphis did its work, and the first big midseason domino has fallen with Rudy Gay going to Toronto, so it’s time to sit back and see how everything unfolds over the next couple weeks. In case you missed it, check out Chris Sheridan’s recent column on the possibility of Al Jefferson going to San Antonio.

Also, you like sneakers? A whole bunch of new editions are coming out for All-Star weekend. Here is a video review from Complex Sports.

Now here’s all the latest news and rumors from around the NBA.

  • If I were to excerpt all the valuable information from Marc Stein’s latest Weekend Dime over at, that would take up all the space I have for this blog. As usual around this time of year, it’s a gold mine, so head over there for an absolute boatload of trade info and rumors. Here’s one excerpt, about the Clippers: “Their need for a reliable crunch-time frontcourt partner for Blake Griffin, as well as an extra shooter to loosen things up for Griffin inside, are glaring weaknesses that the grind of the postseason is bound to expose … Expect the Clippers to keep searching for trade partners if the Boston Celtics, as it increasingly appears, dial back their willingness to surrender Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett in exchange for a package headlined by CP3 protégé Eric Bledsoe. As much as the Clippers dread the thought of parting with Bledsoe before they have Paul’s signature on a new deal, sources close to the situation acknowledge that the Clips know it’s just as dangerous (or maybe even more so) to leave the current roster as is and expose themselves to an early playoff exit because DeAndre Jordan’s offensive limitations or free throw woes (or both) render him a playoff non-factor. Or because Lamar Odom proved too small and ground-bound to close games alongside Griffin when it mattered most.”
  • Weekend Dime addendum: Milwaukee now in mix for Magic's JJ Redick. Bucks, I'm told, assessing their ability to retain sharpshooter long term
    Marc Stein


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