SH Blog: Trade rumors on Bledsoe, Mozgov, Humphries, et al

  • Tim Bontemps of the New York Post has some interesting insight about a potential Nets-Bobcats trade: “A league source confirmed a report the Nets and Bobcats have had preliminary discussions about swapping power forward Kris Humphries to Charlotte for guard Ben Gordon. No deal is imminent, however. The Feb. 21 trade deadline is less than two weeks away. … The potential swap, which was first reported by ESPN, would accomplish several things for the Nets. First, it would allow them to clear up their current log-jam of big men. They have five guys — Humphries, Brook Lopez, Reggie Evans, Andray Blatche and Mirza Teletovic — they would like to play though it is hard to fit more than four into a traditional NBA rotation. … Such a move would allow the Nets to play small, with Gordon sliding into the backcourt along with Deron Williams, and then moving Joe Johnson to small forward and Gerald Wallace to power forward. Moving Humphries for Gordon also would allow the Nets to maintain the same flexibility in the trade market they would have this summer if they held onto Humphries through the trade deadline. Though Humphries is in the first year of a two-year, $24 million contract, Gordon has a player option for next season for $13.2 million that he will likely pick up.”
  • Source says the New York Knicks have some interest in Jared Dudley. No word on who they would offer or if talks have taken place.
    Alex Kennedy
  • Here’s Chris Tomasson of Fox Sports Florida with a Grant Hill update: “While some believe this might be his last season, Los Angeles Clippers forward Grant Hill stressed before Friday night’s game against the Miami Heat at AmericanAirlines Arena he could be back in 2013-14 for a 20th year on an NBA roster. ‘There’s definitely a chance,’ Hill told FOX Sports Florida. ‘I’m under contract for another year.’ Hill, 40, is under contract for a guaranteed $2.045 million. He’d walk away from that amount if he retired this summer. ‘The end is near,’ said Hill, who wouldn’t figure to play past 2013-14. ‘I understand and respect that I’m no spring chicken. But I’m like I’ve been for the last four or five years. It’s year to year.’ “
  • Jason Friedman of is impressed with James Harden, which is easy enough to understand. I’m posting this for the Chandler Parsons quote: “Harden has been so spectacular, so outlandishly good of late that he’s broken the matrix with which we’re accustomed to grading greatness. Forget about raising the bar. Right now there is no bar. Shooting 13-16 from the field, 4-5 from beyond the arc and posting a true shooting percentage of 94 percent is not supposed to happen in the real world. But then again, neither are Harden’s four-game averages of 27.5 points, 8.5 assists and 8 rebounds per game, all racked up while posting a robust true shooting percentage of 78.3 percent. That sort of efficiency is superhuman, which sort of makes sense given that it’s only been rivaled of late by the NBA’s other resident alien, LeBron James. ‘He can score,’ said Chandler Parsons, delivering an early frontrunner for understatement of the year. ‘I wish I could say he should pass the ball more but he’s also got a lot of assists. He’s taking good shots, he’s getting to the rack, he’s getting free throws – he can hurt you in so many different ways it’s incredible. He’s so strong and can really finish. I’ll tell him during the game: “You’re ridiculous.” I’ll literally look at him and be like, “You’re coldblooded.” ‘ “
  • Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution talked to Dwight Howard’s father about his son’s future. It’s got some interesting info that you’ll want to click through for. Here’s a quick excerpt: “The bottom line is that Howard’s credibility has taken a major hit, but at least one person believes that’s unfair. Granted, Dwight Howard Sr., his father, can’t be completely objective about his son, but he makes some fair points when he criticizes Bryant for publicly questioning a teammate’s toughness and desire. He also said of his son, ‘In his heart of hearts, I’m still not sure he was really sold on leaving Orlando.’ “
  • Christopher Dempsey of the Denver Post talked to George Karl about the trade deadline:
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