Tweet of the Day: Paul Pierce

As winter storm Nemo made it’s way through the Northeast, athletes everywhere were impacted. Several NBA and college teams were forced to delay their travel plans Friday night, including the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets and San Antonio Spurs.

Spurs plane has touched down in Newark. Snowpocalypse travel disaster averted.
Jeff McDonald

I ‘d imagine the Los Angeles Clippers — playing at MSG tomorrow afternoon — were planning on spending Friday night in Miami regardless.

The howling storm that swept across the Northeast left the New York-to-Boston area shrouded in 1 to 3 feet of snow Saturday morning, with Boston creeping up on its standing record of 27.5 inches.

#Boston, MA is up to 24.9 inches of snow. Creeping up on the record of 27.5 inches.
Weather Underground

While the nuisance that is Nemo left over 650,000 homes and businesses without electricity and delayed the travel of many, it did not seem to bother Celtics forward Paul Pierce.


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