Fantasy Planner Week 16: Green Light the Clippers

Starts and Sits

Point Guard

Start: Brandon Knight
Brandon had a big game against the Spurs with 24 points in a win for Detroit. The Pistons are still battling to keep their heads above the water and this week will help them breathe. Knight will have plenty of opportunity to take over in home games against the Hornets and Wizards before he goes to the Rising Stars game on Friday.

Sit: Nate Robinson
I said to start Robinson last week but it’s all about strategy this week. Nate goes up against Tony Parker and the Spurs then Avery Bradley and the Celtics. Both on the road; two tough match-ups that will have Nate running in circles and throwing turnovers. I can see Kirk Hinrich possibly getting more minutes than Nate this week because it’s going to be a tough one for Robinson. 

Shooting Guard

Start: Kemba Walker
In case you’re choosing between Walker and someone else, I’d give serious consideration to Walker. He’s got Boston first this week, a type of game that Kemba wakes up for. He ends the week on the road against Indiana and quite frankly, I’m not sure how George Hill is going to handle him. Kemba should pick up his February numbers in those games as he’s been struggling a bit this month.

Sit: Chauncey Billups
The one Clipper that may look like a reasonable risk to start this week is Billups. Don’t start Chauncey yet. He’s coming back from an injury that has sidelined him for a while, and this team isn’t desperate to see Chauncey back. They’d rather him slowly return and get back into shape while finding where he fits on an already elite team.

Small Forward

Start: Shawn Marion
Marion has taken 84 shots in his last six games. Rick Carlisle must really like the Matrix and Marion’s fantasy owners must really like Rick Carlisle. Start him while he’s hoisting up more shots than any other Maverick.

Sit: Metta World Peace
Metta has been taking many ill-advised shots lately and it’s leading to a percentage that can screw a fantasy team over. He’s shooting 12 for 46 in his last four games while only hitting two three-pointers in that span. He needs the All-Star break to relax a bit as he played great in the first half of the season.

Power Forward

Start: Jonas Valanciunas
Jonas scored 14 points and grabbed 13 rebounds in a win over the Pacers on the road. He surely proved that he deserves some extra minutes thrown his way and I’d be really surprised if he doesn’t grab and keep the starting job for the rest of the season. Right now, Aaron Gray is the Raptors starting center, so if Jonas doesn’t get the nod over Gray soon, something is wrong in Raptorland.

Sit: Amare Stoudemire
Amare has one game this week and it’s against the Raptors. Amir Johnson and Jonas Valanciunas will be assigned to defend Stoudemire and that’s not exactly good news for the big man. Those two are young, athletic players who may bother him throughout this game. I’d predict a weak game for Amare and would give someone else a start this week.


Start: Samuel Dalembert
If I said this a week ago, I’d be a fantasy genius. He went 17 for 21 from the field in Denver to post a monster stat line of 35 points, 4 steals, 4 blocks, and 12 rebounds. The Bucks face two teams this week in the Wizards and the Sixers. Both teams have point guards who like to get into the lane — John Wall and Jrue Holiday. Large block games should continue for Dalembert as he has finally found his own this season. Sammy D has always been a top shot blocker and he’s been showing it as of late, averaging 2+ blocks in his last 7 games. Larry Sanders is also having problems with his back, which means more minutes for Sam.

Sit: Marcin Gortat
He’s got one match-up this week to worry about and it’s Dwight Howard. Gortat’s chances of having a good fantasy week are just above his chances of him getting a call to replace an injured All-Star in the game. The Polish Hammer will be well rested for next week.

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