SH Blog: Joakim Noah injury update, plus J-Smoove on trade rumors and lots more

Yes, the trade deadline is coming up, and yes, there’s a lot of trade deadline news in this blog. But none of that is as important (to me, at least) as the fourth item in today’s roundup.
That is, of course, the Greg Oden news. Which is my personal favorite kind of news.Today being Sunday, Chris Sheridan has a new set of MVP rankings up, which you should obviously check out. Leading into the All-Star break, Jan Hubbard has a column up about the NBA’s yearly extravaganza. So give those a read at some point.

And now here’s your latest NBA news and rumors on this post-Super Bowl Sunday.

  • Lang Greene at HoopsWorld has a good piece up on Josh Smith: “Outside of Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard and Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul you can probably make the argument, without much objection, that Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith will be  the most coveted free agent this summer. But with the trade deadline rapidly approaching, Smith has also been one of the most discussed players around front offices across the league. The interest amongst league executives is being driven by the uncertainty of Smith’s situation with the Hawks long term. The uncertainty isn’t limited to just league executives and the media covering the situation as Smith himself didn’t sound as confident when asked recently about his future with the franchise beyond this season’s trade deadline. ‘I don’t know,’ Smith said according to Atlanta-based reporter Nubyjas Wilborn when asked if he would still be with the team after the February 21 trade deadline. ‘Every year people ask me the same questions. I mean, I was [supposedly] getting traded four years ago but I’m still here. So all I can do is keep playing and not worrying about outside rumors, you know, speculations.’ Hawks president of basketball operations Danny Ferry and Smith came to an agreement early in the season that there wouldn’t be any contract talks until after the conclusion of the 2012-13 campaign. This was a no-brainer as signing an early contract extension under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement would require Smith to leave millions on the table, which wouldn’t be smart business.”
  • Source says the Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls are among the teams pursuing Orlando Magic guard J.J. Redick.
    Alex Kennedy

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